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A1 *Charity Name
A2 *Full Legal Name of Charity
A3a *Charity/CIO Registration No.
A3b *Year of registration
*Are you a national charity?

A5 *Main geographical area of activity
*Please provide information on your charity's history plus its current aims and objectives

Please be concise.
B1 *Contact name
B2 *Position in charity
B3 Administrative address of charity *Address1:     ?
B4 Operational address of charity Address1:     ?
B5 *Telephone number
B6 *Your email address
B7 Website address
*Bank details for BACS

Please give account name, account number and sort code.
C1 *Project Title
Maximum 100 characters including spaces
C2 *Project Summary
Maximum 1000 characters including spaces. Please be concise.
*What is the timescale of the project and where and how do you plan to deliver it

Maximum 1500 characters including spaces
*What are the specific benefits of the project

Maximum 1500 characters including spaces
*Why is there a need and how have you identified it

Maximum 2000 characters including spaces
C6 *How many needy Westminster residents do you anticipate benefiting from this project
C7 *How many homeless persons in Westminster will benefit
(If you do not deal specifically with homeless persons, please put N/A)
C8 *Who else is doing this in Westminster and how do you differ from them
Maximum 1500 characters including spaces
C9 *How will you monitor and evaluate the project
Maximum 1500 characters
D1 *Please itemise the costs for this project
If this is a London wide project, please provide a breakdown for Westminster only
Item Amount
*Total costs for this project

What funding have you received to date for this project

Received from Amount
Government/local authority
National Lottery/community fund
Donations from business
Fees, rents, sales and charges
Please list confirmed grants from trusts for this project only

Trust Amount
*Total received for this project

D5 *Total shortfall on the project
D6 *What is the total amount you would like from us
Outstanding applications for this project only

Trustees like to see evidence of active fundraiisng. If you have left this section blank, please explain why.
Names of Trusts Outcome date Amount
*If you do not receive all that you have applied for, how will you raise the shortfall

Were you awarded any emergency Covid-19 funding in 2020? If so, how much?

*What is your outlook for the next six months?

*Total Income for the year

*Total Expenditure for the year

*Surplus for the year

Enter 0 here if you have entered a deficit figure.
*Deficit for the year

Enter 0 here if you have entered a surplus figure.
E5 *Net Current Assets
Enter 0 here if you have entered a Net Current Liabilities figure. You cannot have both assets and liabilities.
E6 *Net Current Liabilities
Enter 0 here if you have entered a Net Current Assets figure. You cannot have both assets and liabilities.
E7 *Current Free Reserves
E8 *Please explain fully your charity's Reserves Policy
Maximum 3000 characters including spaces
F1 Please upload your latest audited annual accounts here
F2 Please upload any supporting document here
F3 Please upload any additional supporting document here
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